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Bearing with Shaft

    • There are two types of bearings with shaft in ZYS: monolithic structures and semi-monolithic structures. The unit of monolithic structure is the bearing unit that the raceways of two bearings are made on the drive shaft. The bearing unit is preloaded by U-shaped collar, and the minimal-quantity lubrication system is provided. The unit of semi-monolithic structure is the bearing unit that one raceway of the two bearings is made on the drive shaft, and the other one is a normal standard bearing. Shaft bearing is preloaded by the bush or compressed cylinder helix spring of rectangular cross section. Oil-impregnated porous cage is used.

      The precision of shaft bearing is above P4. The value of the vibration is less than 0.04g. The working friction torque of shaft housing fits is less than 1.2g.cm. The one-off drip lubrication is used. The rotating speed is 10,000rpm~15,000rpm, and the working temperature of shaft housing fits is -55℃~+80℃. Shaft bearing have a high precision and a long service life. The installation is convenience and quick. Shaft bearing can be used in the inertial navigation systems of gyroscope motor of aerospace, aviation and navigation, which can substantially improve the precision, life, reliability and qualified rate of installation of the gyroscope motor.

      ZYS provides bearings with shaft of all sizes and structures with above P5 grade.


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