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Super-Precision Bearing

Precision Bearings

At present, ZYS precision bearings have more than 1,500 bearing designations with large size range from ID 8mm to OD 1,000mm. Our main products include super-precision bearings, high precision bearings and high speed bearings.

Slewing Ring Bearing

Slewing Bearings

We have applied strict military quality control system in civil bearings. All of our slewing ring bearings have achieved international precision level

Wind turbine bearing

Wind Turbine Bearings

Since 2001, ZYS has undertaken the project of wind turbine bearing series from National Ministry of Science and Technology, mastering the core technology of large bearings for heavy machineries and forming the product design, production technology, product testing and testing with independent intellectual property rights. Our wind turbine bearings have reached the international technology level.

Rolling mill bearing

Bearings For Rolling Mills

ZYS is experienced in the bearing design,selection,installing and maintenance of rolling mill bearings. We have closely cooperated with customers since bearing design stage. We can supply fast and professional service, aiming at greatly improving the bearing performance.

railway bearing

Bearings For Rail Transportation

 ZYS rail bearing and railway bearing products are superior in performance and reliable in quality.

automotive bearing

Automotive Bearings

ZYS automotive bearings refer to such bearing types as taper roller bearings,cylindrical roller bearings,deep groove ball bearings and angular contact ball bearings.ZYS automobile bearings have high quality and performance.Our auto bearings are very popular in domestic and oversea markets.

Large-size Bearings

ZYS large-size bearing manufacturing department is engaged in researching and developing the bearings with size rang from ID 100mm to OD 6800mm.Main products refer to the Rolling Mill Bearings,Cylindrical Roller Bearings(single row,double row,four row),Taper Roller Bearings(single row,double row,four row), Four Point Contact Ball Bearings,etc

Hydrodynamic Bearing

Hydrodynamic Bearings

ZYS hydrodynamic bearings belong to oil lubricated sliding bearings, depending on the hydrodynamic in frictions to support external loads.

One Way Bearing

One-way Bearings

ZYS One Way Bearings are the combination of deep groove ball bearing (6200 series) and freewheel clutch(one way clutch). Their boundary dimensions are the same as 6200 series deep groove ball bearings. The lubrication grease has been filled inside.

Spherical Roller Bearings

ZYS spherical roller bearings have double-row rollers, mainly supporting radial loads and axial loads at the same time, except the pure axial load. They are applicable to paper manufacturing machinery, speed reducer, rolling mills gearbox, crusher, printing machinery, wood-working machine, etc.

Deep groove ball bearing

Standard Ball Bearings

Among ZYS standard ball bearings, deep groove ball bearings are the commonest bearings.Self-aligning ball bearings have good aligning property due to the spherical outer raceway. nsert ball bearings are mounted and dismounted easily, also have the aligning property. Thrust ball bearings have separable shaft washer, housing washer, and ball/cage assembly.

Taper Roller Bearing

Taper Roller Bearings

ZYS taper roller bearings mainly support radial load and axial load as well. The load carrying capacity depends on the angle of outer raceway, the bigger the angle is, the larger the load carrying capacity will be.