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    48in internal welding machine for Kemen Offshore Pipeline Project



    Deping's automatic internal welding machine and pipe facing machine are working for Binhai LNG



    The first stage of laying of Lingshui gas field subsea pipeline participated by Deping technology was successfully completed


    Deping's internal pneumatic pipe line up clamp DKQ324 and all-hydraulic internal expanding pipe facing machine DPFM0612 stood out and successfully joined this major project.



    Deping Technology held the technology competition


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    Deping scanner used for CRISP VTB Subsea Pipeline Project

    Deping's camera and laser scanner had been sucessfully used for CRISP VTB Subsea Pipeline Project in Singapore.


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    Deping held the year-end sports meeting

    The New Year is approaching, It is the moment to see the new year in and the old year out. On the afternoon of January 23, 2019, the sports meeting of Luoyang Deping technology Co., Ltd Company were held in the square of the company's office building as schedule.


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    DP engineer offer training in Oman

    On January 15th-19th. the engineer of Luoyang Deping Technology Co., LTD offered training in Muscat, Oman, which includes 10in, 12in. 16in, 20in internal line up clamp, all was going well, and the customer signed the satisfaction paper for our equipment and show highly praised to our engineer's work.


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    Internal clamp with laser and camera system successfully applied at the NFA WHP3 project in Qatar

    Deping developed internal  line up clamp with laser and camera system have been successfully applied at the offshore pipeline construction of NFA WHP3 project in Qatar


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    Luoyang Deping is designated as practise base of Luoyang Institute of Science and Technology

    The related leader of Luoyang Institute of Science and Technology and Luoyang Deping Technology co.,Ltdsigned the cooperative contract on Sept.5th 2018, Luoyang Deping is designated as practise base of Luoyang Institute of Science and Technology.


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    Deping CRA pipe beveling machine perform well in Qatar project of CNOOC

    On August 27, 2018, under the leadership of Li Jianchun, Deputy manager of Luoyang Deping Technology Co.,LTD, nine members of the Deping Overseas Project Service Team went to Qatar to participate in the pipeline beveling project of the 20-inch CNOOC CRA pipe (inner coating material is inconel 625).


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    Deping Technology participated in safety training for Qatar offshore project

    Deping Technology will provide equipments and technical service for Qatar offshore pipeline welding project. Deping will provides 3 sets of DPFM1224F beveling machine, 2 sets DKQ508QE internal clamp with laser system, 3 sets of composite pipe cutting machine DPCM508, and related welding services.


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    Deping Technology pipeline construction equipement support Brunei offshore pipeline project

    Deping Technology internal clamp and beveling machine are used to support 44 inch 8km offshore pipeline project in Brunei.


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    Luoyang DP gets through the evaluation of scientific and technological achievements


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    Deping held the basketball match for Labor’s day


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    DP equipment on CNOOC pipe laying barge

    After 5 month’s construction, the 195KM submarine pipeline of the ‘Eastern 13-2 ’gas field project had completed by the heavy pipe laying vessel ‘Offshore oil 201’at 18th,February. It realized the all-season-seaborne construction of the South China Sea. For now, this project is the longest self-laying submarine pipeline project, the lengths is 2 times from Beijing to Tianjin.


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    Deping Technology 2018 Annual Meeting

    As the 2018 Spring Festival is coming soon, Luoyang Deping Technology Co.,Ltd had hold the annual meeting on 7th,Feb.2018 to celebrate the work in 2017. Gernal Manager Mr.Wang had presented awards to the production department, finance department and advanced individuals. The staffs from each department also prepared programes such as Dancing,Singing etc. We had spend a pleasure time together.


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