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BL Series rolling bearing dynamic performance measuring instrument
BL Series rolling bearing dynamic performance measuring instrument

BL Series rolling bearing dynamic performance measuring instrument



BL Series rolling bearing dynamic performance measuring instrument

              • BL(BLZ) series rolling bearing dynamic performance measuring instrument is designed based on National machinery industry standards JB/T7049-93 and JB/T50093-1997. It can detect bearing vibration and temperature and assess bearing life. The instrument has reasonable design, stable performance and will not change the failure mechanism of tested bearings.

                BL(BLZ) series bearing performance measuring instrument can be added in the friction torque testing functions.

                The instrument is suitable for the evaluation of bearing life and reliability by the users of high reliability bearings. The bearing performance measurement can provide the basis for improving design, perfecting processing technology, optimizing materials, approving products.

                • Load is accurate and is easy to be regulated.
                • Speed range is wide and the speed precision is high.
                • Real-time monitoring of vibration, temperature and automatically data record.
                • Temperature and vibration limits can be set. When the value is out of the limit, the instrument will shutdown and alarm.
                • The instrument can be used via networking group control and also can be run independently offline.
                • The instrument has Built-in communication interface. So it can send the experimental data to the computer networks to store, print, analyze.
                • It also has LCD that displays Chinese and graphic, digital filtering, photoelectric isolation and brown-out protection technology which can let the system have a long time of continuous work.

                Technical Specification

                Model BL8 BL15 BLZ30 BLZ60 BLZ120
                Diameter range(mm) d:φ3~φ8
                Max Rotational speed of spindle(rpm) 15000 12000 16000 6000 5000
                Max load(N) Radial 1500 Radial 3500 Radial 8000
                Axial 3500
                Radial 25000
                Axial 15000
                Radial 98000
                Axial 68600
                Silding mode   grease lubrication or oil circulation
                Working condition Normal temperature and pressure (or low temperature, high temperature, high speed, special environment and medium, the price will be negotiated again)
                Monitoring parameter Standard configure: temperature, vibration;
                Non-standard configure: friction torque
                Temperature range 0~150℃
                Vibration range 10~100dB
                Power supply(AC) 1.1KW 1.5KW 1.5KW 2.8KW 5.5KW
                Weight of equipment(kg) About 250 about 280 about 300 about 400 about 600
                Overall dimensions(mm) About 720×500×1200 1200×600×1400 1400×720×1500 1500×800×1600


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