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Insert ball bearings
Insert ball bearings

Insert ball bearings


  • China bearing supplier ZYS lists a large range of designs, variants and sizes of deep groove ball bearings, angular contact ball bearing, spherical bearings, cylindrical/taper roller bearings, etc. 


Insert ball bearings

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      The insert ball bearing is a bearing unit that combines rolling bearing and bearing seat together. Most insert ball bearings have spherical outer diameters and are installed together with imported bearing seats with spherical inner holes. They have various structural forms, good versatility and interchangeability. At the same time, the insert ball bearings are also self-aligning in design, easy to install, and have a double-structured sealing device, which can work in harsh environments. 

      The bearing housing of insert bearings is generally formed by casting and usually have are vertical seat (P), square seat (F), round seat (FC), diamond seat (FL), slider seat (T), etc.

      Radial insert ball bearings can be divided into three categories according to the way of matching with the shaft:

      1. Outer spherical ball bearing with top wire

      2. Tapered spherical ball bearing

      3. Outer spherical ball bearing with eccentric sleeve

      ZYS insert ball bearings with fastening screws are most common type, used in textile machinery, ceramic machinery and other manufacturing industries.
      ZYS insert ball bearings with taper bore can bear larger loads than the bearings with fastening screws.
      ZYS insert ball bearings with eccentric locking collar are especially for agricultural machinery, the eccentric structure can effectively reduce the rabid jumping.

      The insert bearings with seat is a high-precision component product composed of a grease-sealed deep groove ball bearing and bearing seats of various shapes. The bearing assembly can be directly mounted on the main body of the mechanical device through several bolts, which has self-aligning function and can be used to replenish grease.


      Characteristics of ZYS Y bearings/spherical bearing with seat:

      1. With self-aligning function

      The outer diameter of the spherical bearing and the inner diameter of the bearing seat are spherical, and they have automatic centering function which can compensate for the misalignment of the axis and the deformation of the installation base caused by the installation error.

      2. Large load capacity

      Since the internal structure of the spherical ball bearing is the same as the 6200 and 6300 series deep groove ball bearings, the spherical ball bearing with seat can not only bear radial load, but also withstand certain axial load. At the same time, the bearing working noise is low.

      3. Long service life

      Spherical ball bearings with seats are usually used in harsh working environments such as dirt, dust, humidity and high temperature. The grease inside the bearing will deteriorate in a short time. Therefore, it is necessary to re-lubricate the spherical ball bearings with seats at appropriate time intervals and replace the deteriorated grease with fresh grease. Outer spherical ball bearings are equipped with grease nipples, which can be re-lubricated to ensure perfect performance and long service life in any working environment.

      4. Excellent sealing performance

      The outer spherical ball bearing is provided with a heat-resistant, oil-proof rubber sealing ring and dust cover seal. The dust cover is assembled on the outer diameter of the bearing inner ring and rotates together with the inner ring, which can effectively prevent external foreign objects from entering the inside of the bearing and protect the bearing against external pressure. This combined seal can prevent mud, dust, and moisture enter the inside of the bearing, and at the same time can prevent the grease inside the bearing from leaking out. Then the bearing can maintain perfect performance in a harsh working environment.


      5. Sturdy bearing seat


      The bearing seat of Y-bearings is an integral seat structure. The bearing seat has excellent rigidity to prevent deformation of the bearing during assembly. The bearing seat is durable under any working conditions. The bearing seat can be cast with gray cast iron, ductile iron and cast steel.


      6. The bearing can be easily locked on the shaft


      There are four ways to lock the Y-bearings on the shaft. The common method is to lock the two setscrews on the extended end of the inner ring. It can also be locked with a set sleeve, a lock sleeve or an eccentric sleeve. These four methods can easily lock the bearing on the shaft.


      7. Special heat treatment of bearing inner ring


      The inner ring raceway needs to be hardened to maintain toughness and impact resistance. After local high temperature tempering around the inner ring screw hole, the bearing obtains better performance, which can prevent the screw from loosening during the operation of the bearing, and at the same time, tightening the screw tightly will not cause the inner ring to burst.


      8. Unique design to prevent rotation of outer ring


      The outer ring of the Y-bearings is equipped with a unique  stop pin, which allows the bearing to self-align and prevents the outer ring from rotating, making the service life of the bearing longer.


      9. Bearings and bearing seats are completely interchangeable


      The Y-bearings and bearing seats are all precision-processed and completely interchangeable. The bearings can be easily replaced at any time.


      10. Easy installation


      Y-bearings have been pre-filled with sufficient high-quality grease, and can be directly installed on the shaft. Therefore, it is possible to prevent harmful substances from entering the bearing during the installation of the bearing unit.


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