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We have China National Bearing Quality
Supervision and Inspection Center

We are sincerely to provide you with the following services on bearing inspection:
(1) Reference transfer,verification and repair of measuring devices, bearing instruments calibration, position measuring, components inspection, samples surveying and mapping;

England Taylor Hobson Surface Profile Measuring Instrument S4C

German Leitz Reference 10.7.6 England Taylor Hobson
Roundness Measuring Instrument

(2) Quality and index inspections of heat treatment, physical and chemical indicators inspections of materials, grinding index inspection, pressure inspection, bearing failure and waste bearing analysis

German ZEISS metallographic microscope NEOPHOT 32

German SPETROLAB M9 direct reading spectrometer

(3) Precision inspection for different types of bearings, rolling elements and bearing accessories inspection, vibration and clearance master transfer, bearing inspecting instruments calibration

American Sheffield Bearing Vibration Measuring Instrument B1010

Precision Measuring Gauges