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Thrust ball bearing
Thrust ball bearing

Thrust ball bearing


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Thrust ball bearing

    • Thrust ball bearing, ball thrust bearings, thrust bearings (ball), thrust ball and roller bearings

      Thrust ball bearings refer to thrust bearings in which the rolling elements are balls. Thrust ball bearing is composed of three parts: seat ring, shaft ring and steel ball cage assembly. The shaft ring is matched with the shaft, and the seat ring is matched with the housing.


      Thrust ball bearings are only suitable for parts that bear an axial load and operate at a low speed, such as crane hooks, instant water pumps, instant centrifuges, jacks, low speed reducers, etc.

      Features of thrust ball bearings:

      1. According to the force situation, thrust ball bearings have two kinds: single-direction and double direction thrust ball bearings. The single direction thrust ball bearings can bear axial loads in one direction only, while double direction thrust ball bearings are designed to bearing the axial loads in double directions.

      2. In order to tolerate installation errors, both single-direction and double direction ball thrust bearings choose spherical self-aligning spherical seat cushion type or spherical seat ring type.

      3. Extended bearing life of ball thrust bearings with using ultra-clean steel.

      4. Advanced lubricant technology can extend the life of grease and improve bearing performance of ball thrust bearings.

      5. High-grade steel ball makes the thrust bearings (ball) quiet and smooth when rotating at high speed.


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