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High-frequency grinding spindles
High-frequency grinding spindles

High-frequency grinding spindles


              • 1. Tight structure, high mechanical effciency, low noise, low vibration, high precision.

                2. Stable running, weak impaction, prolong bearing life of the spindles.

                3. High speed, high dynamic and static precision, high stability.

                4. The stepless variable speed in the range of the rated running speed is avaiable to suit the request

                    of various conditions and loads.

                5. Driving control skill makes accurate stop, accurate position and accurate speed suitable for the

                    request of processing center and other numerical control machine tools.


High-frequency grinding spindles

              • ZYS high speed grinding spindle include MD,MDF,MDT,MDS,MDK series,etc.

                MD: Oriented by outer diameter without flanged

                MDF:Oriented by outer diameter flanged

                MDT: Step form

                MDS: Step form with flange

                MDK: Other type grinding spindles

                The lubrication ways of our grinding spindles are oil mist, oil gas, etc.


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