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Ball screw support bearings
Ball screw support bearings

Ball screw support bearings


  •  As the only state-level comprehensive research institute in China's bearing industry, ZYS can design and manufacture ball bearings, roller bearings and precision bearings to perform in a wide range of applications. Full range of bearings can be found with free CAD download, short lead times, competitive price. 


Ball screw support bearings

              • Introduction of Ball screw support bearing: ZYS Ball screw support bearing is a kind of one-direction angular contact thrust ball bearing (contact angle 60°) with high precision, high speed, high axial stiffness, low friction, long life and transient high/low speed conversion. The ball screw bearing is particularly suitable for the supporting of ball screw and similar transmitting components in high-speed precision CNC machine tools.

                ZYS precision ball screw support bearings include four kinds of products: 7602, 7603, BS, BSS series ball screw bearings. The 7602 and 7603 series are standard metric, with the inner diameters from 12mm to 130mm; BS series bearings for ball screws are non-standard metric and BSS series are inch series.

                The characteristics of ball screw support bearings are as follows:

                1.High transmission efficiency

                The transmission efficiency of the ball screw support bearings is as high as 90% to 98%, which is 2 to 4 times that of the traditional sliding screw system, so it can get a larger thrust with a smaller torque, and can also be converted from linear motion to rotary motion (Movement is reversible).

                2.Stable movement

                The ball screw bearing belongs to point-contact rolling motion. It has low frictional resistance during operation, high sensitivity, no chattering at start-up, and no crawling at low speed, so it can precisely control the micro-feed.

                3. High precision

                The temperature rise of the bearings for ball screw is small during movement, and can pre-tighten the axial gap and pre-stretch the screw to compensate for thermal elongation, so high positioning accuracy and repeated positioning accuracy can be obtained.

                4. High durability

                The rolling contact area of the steel balls are hardened (HRC58 ~ 63) and precision ground. The circulation system process is purely rolling and has relatively little wear, so ball screw support bearing has a high service life and accuracy.

                5. High reliability

                Compared with other transmission machinery and hydraulic transmission, the failure rate of the ball screw bearing is very low, and maintenance is also relatively simple, requiring only general lubrication and dust prevention.


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