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Dental bearings
Dental bearings

Dental bearings


  • ZYS offers a full range of ball bearings, roller bearings and plain bearings ranging from inner diameter of 0.6mm to outer diameter of 6.8m. We boast a large inventory and high-quality products. 

Dental bearings


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                Dental bearing is a special bearing for dental handpiece, consisting of shaft, turbine, spring chuck, spring gasket, back cover, housing, rolling bearing, rubber positioning ring. Dental handpiece bearings have the characteristics of ultra-low vibration and ultra-low noise; corrosion resistance and no rust. Dental handpiece bearings produced by ZYS can be replace the bearings of well-known foreign brands.

                The inner and outer rings of the dental ball bearings are made of refined stainless steel 9Gr18; the ball is made of refined stainless steel 9Gr18 or non-metallic superhard ceramic Si3N4 material, which has good wear resistance; the cage of dental ball bearing is made of polyimide with high strength, low abrasion resistance, self-lubrication and other properties or 80-120 branch phenolic cloth bakelite material.

                Under the air pressure of 200 ~ 250Kpa, the speed of the ceramics dental bearing can reach 350,000 ~ 400,000rPm. Under normal use conditions, the working life of dental handpiece bearings is more than 6 months

                The manufacturing precision of high-speed dental handpiece bearings conforms to the P4 tolerance in the national standard GB / T307.1-94, and can be applied to different types of dentist handpieces in various countries. For example, W & H in Austria, Bein Air, Lares in Switzerland, , KaVo in Germany, Midwest, Adec, Yushida, Siemens and Star. 

                To ensure high-speed performance, a certain amount of axial preload should be added when the dental ball bearing is installed in the machine head. ZYS dental bearings is a kind of precision miniature bearings. Be careful in mounting and such dental bearings to avoid damage to the ball and groove, or the pollution and improper lubrication of the bearing will directly affect the performance index and service life.


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