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simulation testing

                • TAH30-50Tf simulation testing machine for automobile wheel hub bearings performance

                  TAH30-50Tf simulation testing machine is used in the simulation test for bearings of automobile wheel hubs. The tested bearing is mainly mounted in the structure of cantilever, able to realize the rotation of bearing inner ring or outer ring, able to simulate the speed spectrum, load spectrum, temperature spectrum and mounting conditions to have the test.

                  Main technical parameters:

                  Bore dia. of tested bearing: d=30~50mm
                  Max. radial load: 15kN
                  Max. axial load: ±10kN
                  Max. speed: 2000r/min
                  Bearing ambient temperature: ≤130℃
                  The radius of simulated tire: 260~350mm
                  Control mode: microcomputer auto control
                  Test parameters: speed, load, temperature, vibration, voltage, current


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