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Four point contact ball bearings
Four point contact ball bearings

Four point contact ball bearings


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Four point contact ball bearings

    • Performance of four point contact ball bearings:
      The four-point contact ball bearing is a separate design, that is, the outer ring with the ball and cage assembly can be installed separately with the two half rings of inner ring. ZYS four point contact ball bearings have two structures: separable inner ring and separable outer ring with contact angle 35° or 45°. 4 point contact ball bearings are a type of radial single row angular contact ball bearings. The raceways are designed to support axial loads acting in two directions.
      ZYS 4 point contact ball bearings adopt smaller groove curvature coefficient for larger quantity of rollers, so that the bearing has higher load carrying capacity. The inner ring (or outer ring) of a four point contact bearing is precisely assembled from two half-rings, and its overall outer circumference (or inner ring) has a very small radius of groove curvature, which makes the steel ball and inner and outer rings are in contact at four points, which not only increases the radial load capacity, but also can withstand a large axial load in two directions with a compact size, and has a good ability to limit the axial direction in two directions. This is the reason why axial clearance of QJ bearing is relatively small, and its contact angle is relatively large.
      The allowable rotation speed of the four-point contact ball bearing is also very high, and the operation is very stable. Its double half-rings can be removed from the entire bearing and installed separately. Under high rotation speed, QJ bearing bears great radial load and axial load and it is mostly used in engines.
      The characteristics of four-point contact ball bearings:
      Four-point contact ball bearings are separable structure,and a single bearing can replace the front combination or back combination of angular contact ball bearings. Four-point contact ball bearings can bear radial load, bidirectional axial load and can limit the axial displacement in two directions, but it takes up less axial space than the double-row angular contact ball bearings. Compared with other ball bearings, four-point contact ball bearings have a smaller axial clearance and a higher limit speed when the radial clearance is the same. 
      The four-point contact ball bearing is suitable for bearing pure axial load or axial and radial combined load mainly based on axial load. Because the four point contact bearing has double half inner rings (or outer rings), the number of balls loaded increases and it has a larger load-carrying capacity. Under normal operating conditions, four point contact ball bearings can form a contact angle when they are subjected to axial loads in any direction and the steel balls are in contact with the inner and outer raceways at one point to avoid large sliding friction in the contact area. Therefore, four-point contact ball bearings should not bear the load mainly based on radial force.


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