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One way bearings
One way bearings

One way bearings


  • ZYS freewheel clutch is mainly used in such applications as speed conversion, reversal preventing, intermittent movement and etc. Working principle is to use friction generated by wedge, spring and such compression elements to transmit torque.


One way bearings

    • ZYS One Way Bearings are divided into open type and sealed type. The keyway can be machined on the inner ring and outer ring.

      Features: small size, transmitting high torque, smooth combining, high slip combining, working without noise, etc.

      Technical parameters of ZYS one way clutches:

      Fitted outer raceway diameter: φ30mm~φ150mm

      Fitted inner raceway diameter: φ10mm~φ120mm

      Minimum mounting width: 15mm~30mm

      Rated torque: 60N.m~4000N.m


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