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Do you use the electric spindle in the right way?
  • The electric spindle is a precision component characterized by high speed and high rigidity. To ensure its optimal performance and longevity, it is crucial to adhere to proper operating procedures. ZYS BEARING recommends the following guidelines for users:

    1. Before starting the machine, ensure that the spindle cooling system is functioning correctly. Only operate the electric spindle when the cooling system is active. It is essential to check the fan and pump functionality beforehand. For water-cooled spindles, inspect the cooling water for impurities and ensure smooth water flow through the pipes.

    2. When using the electric spindle, follow the practice of gradually increasing the speed from low to high, allowing for preheating. Once the spindle reaches the required speed and exhibits stable no-load operation, commence the processing. This approach protects the spindle and minimizes wear.

    3. Avoid knocking or impacting the spindle fixture and rotor end threads during operation. Such actions can reduce the lifespan of parts and impact the spindle's performance.

    4. When replacing the cutting tool, ensure it is done correctly. Apply even force during tool loading, align the tool thread with the rotor end thread, and then secure it. If a tool change is necessary during operation, allow the spindle to cool down before proceeding.

    5. If the fixture becomes stuck on the rotor end of the spindle during operation, never attempt to remove it by tapping. Use appropriate tools to extract the clamp without damaging the rotor threads. Clean the rotor taper holes and fixtures to prevent premature spindle wear and maintain the quality of processed workpieces. If the fixture has lost its accuracy, it should be promptly replaced.

    ZYS offers training programs on spindle operation and maintenance for electric spindle operators. For spindle inquiries, please contact sales@zys.com.cn.