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YRT bearings
YRT bearings

YRT bearings


  •  As the only state-level comprehensive research institute in China's bearing industry, ZYS can design and manufacture ball bearings, roller bearings and precision bearings to perform in a wide range of applications. Full range of bearings can be found with free CAD download, short lead times, competitive price. 


YRT bearings

              • ZYS YRT bearings, also known as rotary table bearings, are axial and radial combined cylindrical roller bearings, including two thrust needle roller bearings and a radial cylindrical roller bearing with the combination of axial and radial pre-load. For the convenience of transportation and fixing, two or three symmetrical screws are fastened to the two rings in order to prevent rollers and rings generating collisions which influence bearing accuracy.
                ZYS YRT bearings have such advantages as high axial and radial load capacity, high tilted rigidity and high precision. The rotary table bearings are especially suitable for precision machine tools or the rotary worktable or indexing plate of other precision machines, and can also be used to chuck, measuring instruments, test equipment and rotary table configuration. The requirements of the turnable bearing for its matching equipment parts are much high. The tighten torque of mounting screws should be controlled when the turnable bearing is being installed.
                Lubricant and seal of turnable bearings:
                YRT bearings are lubricated by lithium complex soap grease and can be lubricated through the outer ring and L-section ring. YRT bearings are supplied with seals.
                Operating temperature of rotary table bearing:
                Rotary table bearings are suitable for operating temperature from 30° C to 120° C. Features of YRT bearings:
                1. High precision: precision with P4, P2 grade.
                2. High load capacity: YRT bearings can support axial load, radial load and tilting load.
                3. High rigidity: YRT series bearings are with preload.
                4. High speed: YRTS series bearings can be applied in the high speed working condition.


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