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The national key R&D project led by ZYS successfully passed the comprehensive performance evaluation
  • On December 2, the key project "Research and Application of Key Technologies for High-Performance Motor Insulated Bearings" of the national key R&D program "Manufacturing Basic Technologies and Key Components" led by ZYS held a comprehensive performance evaluation meeting in Luoyang. More than 40 people including project leaders, subject leaders, project technical backbones and project management personnel attended the meeting. Gao Yuanan, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Institute of ZYS, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. The meeting was chaired by Li Wenchao, deputy general manager and chief engineer of ZYS.

    At the meeting, each project team reported on the implementation of the project. Project responsible expert Chen Bingkui and special experts Li Dongru and Wang Shaoping, as well as 7 peer experts including Zhou Yu, Chairman of the China Bearing Industry Association, formed a review expert group to review the data for each topic. Questions and comments. In the end, all five topics passed the comprehensive performance evaluation.

    This project is led by ZYS, with participation from 9 units including including HIT, Shanghai Union Axis, Xi 'an CRRC, Xi 'an Jiaotong University, Lanhua Institute, River University of Science and Technology, Beijing Jiaotong University, Nanjing Tianma and Zhengzhou Sanmo Institute. The project is oriented towards traction Insulated bearings used in motors, wind turbines and other fields are faced with the problems of poor quality consistency, low life reliability and lack of performance evaluation system in batch manufacturing. Key issues such as bearing optimization design, coating preparation, precision machining, test evaluation and application verification have been carried out. Collaborative technological research has enabled applications in areas such as rail transit or wind turbines.

    This time, the five topics passed the comprehensive performance evaluation, which is crucial and significant to the overall acceptance of the project. As the project lead unit, ZYS will, as always, provide all-round guarantees for all project tasks to ensure that the project successfully passes acceptance. In the next step, we will strengthen the transformation of project results, break the foreign technology monopoly as soon as possible, realize the comprehensive domestic substitution of insulated bearings, strengthen my country's high-speed rail and wind power industry chain, and contribute to the comprehensive implementation of the manufacturing power and innovation-driven development strategy!

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