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Luoyang Bearing Research Institute Co. Ltd. helps China achieve zero breakthrough in the field of international standardization of rolling bearings
  • In May 2020, the first ISO standardization document ISO/TR 20051:2020 in the field of rolling bearings developed by China-"Derivation of Rated Load Coefficient of Joint Bearings" was officially released. This document is the first time that China has taken the lead, and led by Luoyang Bearing Research Institute Co., Ltd. with the participation of Fujian Longxi and Huangshan Colleges. Its release has achieved a zero breakthrough in the field of international standardization of rolling bearings in China.

    The ISO/TR 20051 project was established in May 2015. After the 4th edition of the WD draft and multiple CD draft revisions, it was finally successfully released and constituted a key supplement to another international standard ISO 20015:2017 "Calculation of the rated dynamic and static load of Joint Bearings". 

    ISO 20015 gives the engineering calculation method for the rated dynamic and static load of joint bearings, but does not give the core content-the derivation method and recommended value of the rated load factor, that is, the theoretical basis, Mathematical model, derivation process and numerical results for determining the coefficient in each calculation formula.

    ISO/TR 20051 provides background information for this part of the content, which is an important supplement to ISO 20015, and forms a complete standard system together with ISO 20015. When countries have unified the rated load factors of joint bearings, the rated load values of joint bearings can be unified, so that users of joint bearings can use the same standard to measure the quality of bearings and help bearing manufacturers improve their quality.

    The successful release of ISO/TR 20051 marks the further improvement of China's influence and right to speak in the field of rolling bearing international standardization, and will also accumulate valuable experience for my country to undertake other rolling bearing international standard formulation projects in the future.