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Since 1958, ZYS has been committed to the research and development of “high-tech, precise, cutting-edge, specialized and special” bearings, and relevant products. Our products have been used for aviation, spaceflight, vessel, weapon, mining, metallurgy, wind turbine generator, machine tool, machinery, medical treatment, automobile, rail transport, etc.

Our predecessor, Luoyang Bearing Research Institute, was the only first-class comprehensive research institute in China bearing industry. That is why ZYS accumulates and develops a large number of advanced competitive core technology. Possessing the first-class bearing design technology (design theory, design software, etc. ) and bearing testing technique (testing methods, testing means, etc. ), ZYS has set up a doctoral scientific research workstation, and a strong team full of domestic and foreign experts, whose main researches represent the technology developing direction of China bearing industry. As a leading role in multiple key disciplines, ZYS always provides comprehensive technology advisory services about bearing industry for national important decision-making departments.

Our total assets have reached 1. 9 billion RMB. ZYS has one national research center and four industry parks, and covers 1 million square meters. We can carry out the batch production of various types of bearings from ID 0. 6mm to OD 6800mm and relevant products. We have established large-range quality control systems from miniature bearings to significant large bearings, and the system for electric spindle as well. All products and services passed ISO9001-2000 Quality Certificate.

The following Science and Technology institutions fall under the responsibility of ZYS:
China National Technical Committee for Rolling Bearing Standardization.
China Secretariat of ISO/TC4(Technical Committee for Rolling Bearings).
Technical Committee of China Bearing Industry Association.
China National Quality Supervision and Testing Center for Bearings.
China National Accreditation Laboratory for Bearings.
China Bearing Industry Professional Skill Appraisal Centre.
China National Research Center for High-Speed Precision Bearings in Machinery Industry.
China National Laboratory for the Bearings of Tunnel Boring Machines.
China National Patent Exchange Center.
China Doctoral Scientific Research Centre for Bearings.