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From 1958 till now, ZYS has successfully transformed from a comprehensive research institute to a science and technology listed company.

ZYS was formerly known as Luoyang bearing research institute, which was founded in 1958 and was China’s only first-class comprehensive research institute in bearing industry. As it joined in China National Machinery Industry Corporation in 1999, the former institute was transformed into the science and technology enterprise. Having completed strategic restructuring, Luoyang Bearing Science & Technology Co.,Ltd.was established in 2001.

1958 Luoyang Bearing Research Institute was established.
Air bearing, electric spindle operating at 60000r/min were born.
1960 The first batch of A23 precision instrument bearings, four kinds of high-speed precision bearing grade A were born.
1963 Nautical gyro meter ball bearings were born.
1966 Missile-used bearings were born.
1970 Computer station was founded.
1972 DZ series electric spindles for grinding were born.
1975 High-speed turbine dental bearing operating at 400000r/min, spindle bearings for precision machine tools were born.
1978 High-speed roundness tester&friction torque measuring instrument for miniature bearings,
GDZ series electric spindles for grinding were born.
1983 Cryogenic bearing was born.
1984 Super-finisher for convex rollers was born.
1985 Instantaneous super high-speed ball bearings were born.
1986 National Supervisory and Inspecting Center of Bearing Quality was founded, one-way clutch bearing was born.
1987 Laser measuring instrument for roughness was born.
1988 General CAD software for bearing design with the copyright was born.
1990 Special thin section bearings, momentum wheels for control of satellite posture and its bearing were born.
1992 Ceramic ball bearing was born.
1993 Electric spindle with magnetic floating bearing was born.
1994 2GDZ series electric spindles for grinding were born.
1998 Electric spindle for processing center were born.
1999 Grease-lubricated bearing for high-speed with dmN=1.89Xmm·r/min was born.
2000 Speed-up electric spindle for machining center was born.
2001 Saloon car bearing tester was born.
Luoyang Bearing Science and Technology Co., Ltd. was set up from Luoyang Bearing Research Institute.
2002 Automatic production line for precision ball bearing grinding and super-finishing was born.
2003 Bearings for Shenzhou capsule No.5 were born.
2004 Bearings for new environmental protective motor air-condition were born.
2005 Bearings for Shenzhou capsule No.6 were born.
Luoyang Bearing Science and Technology Co., Ltd. was listed on China Shenzhen Stock Exchange
2007 Bearings for chang’e satellite No.1 were born.
2008 Bearings for Shenzhou capsule No.7 were born.
2009 Bearing for large thrust engine were born.
2010 Bearings for Tiangong-1 space station were born.
2011 Bearings for Shenzhou capsule No.9 were born.
2012 Bearings for Shenzhou capsule No.10 were born.