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Special Overrunning Clutch

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      Special Overrunning Clutch

      Special overrunning clutches are mainly applied in the shift of speed, the preventing of the reverse rotation and the intermittent motion. The operational principle of overrunning clutches is to use the friction produced by the pressing devices, such as wedge (or roller) and spring, to transmit the torque. Overrunning gear clutch has a small size and a large torque. It is stable and noiseless when working. The engagement can be done at a high slip. The special overrunning clutches of ZYS are mainly used in the engine, decelerator and actuating device of the aero plane, freewheel units and the transmission system of the helicopter. The normal rotating speed of overrunning gear clutch is 30,000r/m, and 45,000r/m in special situation.

      Technical parameters of overrunning clutch:

      Matched outer race diameter:φ30mm-150mm

      Matched inner race diameter:φ10mm-120mm

      Minimum installation width:15mm-30mm

      Rated torque:60N.m-4000N.m


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