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Sensitive Bearings Used on Framework
Sensitive Bearings Used on Framework

Sensitive Bearings Used on Framework



Sensitive Bearings Used on Framework

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      Framework sensitive bearings have a relatively high precision, of which the level is above P4 grade. The speed is relatively low, usually below 10rpm. The starting friction torque requirements of framework sensitive bearings are very strict. Generally, it is required to measure the starting torque of more than 5 points in each circle of the positive and negative circles (there is a special requirement for the bearing to measure 20 points each in the positive and negative circles). All measured values are less than the required value to be qualified for inspection. Therefore, the requirements for the surface quality of the bearing is very high, and the surface quality of the cage and the design and manufacturing parameters are also very high. The structure of some bearings is very special, there are bearings with full ball structure without inner ring, and bearings with straight raceway structure with inner ring or outer ring. The bearing structure generally adopts deep groove ball bearings, and the rotation speed is very low or it is a swinging working mode; and it mainly bears radial load and the load is small. Starting friction torque and dynamic friction torque are strictly required. For applications with high stiffness requirements and impact resistance requirements, there are also pairs of angular contact bearing structures that require pre-tension test and control.

      ZYS has complete related supporting development, production and testing equipment are complete, and can develop P5 or above frame sensitive bearings of various sizes and structures. All the sensitive bearings used on framework with a smallest friction torque made in China are all from ZYS. In addition, ZYS can also offer customized gyroscope bearing.


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