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Hybrid Construction Ceramic Ball Bearing
Hybrid Construction Ceramic Ball Bearing

Hybrid Construction Ceramic Ball Bearing



Hybrid Construction Ceramic Ball Bearing

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                Hybrid ceramic ball bearings, which are generally made of deep groove ball bearings and angular contact bearings.  Ceramic hybrid bearings are mainly used in the conditions of high-speed and high-temperature and high-speed and low-temperature, such as main shaft bearings of aircraft engine and bearings of rocket engine turbo pump.

                The hybrid ceramic bearing is composed of bearing steel inner and outer ring, silicon nitride ceramic ball, stainless steel retainer, etc. It combines the advantages of both metal and ceramic performance. According to public information, in the field of bearing applications that require high performance, silicon nitride ceramic balls are considered to have the best comprehensive mechanical and physical properties. Bearing steel balls easily lose their hardness and strength in high temperature environments, and silicon nitride ceramic balls can completely maintain their original hardness at 400℃. Only when they reach 800℃, their hardness and strength begin to decline significantly. And even if the ceramic ball bearing fails, it also occurs in partial peeling similar to the failure of the bearing steel ball. The ceramic ball in the ceramic hybrid bearings has oil-free self-lubricating properties, and the friction coefficient is very small. Ceramic bearings can reach a very high speed, which is more than 1.5 times the speed of the general metal bearing, which can meet the needs of the engine to increase thrust and improve combustion efficiency.

                Ceramic hybrid bearings used in aircraft is one of the core components of aero-engine. It has the characteristics of high temperature, high speed, large load, complicated stress, harsh working environment and so on. Theoretically, the most direct way to improve the thrust and fuel efficiency of aeroengines at present is to increase the turbine inlet temperature and rotor speed, while increasing the speed puts forward more severe requirements on the limit speed performance, temperature resistance, lubrication performance and bearing capacity of aviation bearings.

                Technical parameters of hybrid ceramic ball bearing:

                Inner diameter:φ3mm-70mm

                Outer diameter:φ8mm-125mm

                Accuracy class:P4,P5

                Rotating speed:20000r/min-80000r/min

                Applied temperature: -253℃-+300℃

                Applied load: 50N-6000N

                Special performance of ceramic bearing: self-lubricating cage, raceway surface treatment.


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