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Bearing with Solid Lubricant

              • Bearing with Solid Lubricant can work within a wide temperature range. Solid lubricant coated bearing has a strong ability to adapt the changes of temperature. It doesn’t need to be sealed. Solid lubricant coated bearing has a strong ability of resisting radiation. Its sliding speed will not influence the lubricating performance. Solid lubricated bearing can adapt to working in vacuum and has the ability of protection against cold welding in vacuum.

                Applications of solid lubricated bearing:

                · High temperature applications: when the temperature exceeds 250℃, use solid lubricated bearing.

                · Low temperature applications: when the temperature is lower than -70℃, use solid lubricated bearing.

                · High vacuum applications: bearing with solid lubricant is better choice because the oil is volatile.

                · Optics applications: bearing with solid lubricant can prevent the optics system from being polluted and guarantee the clarity of the image.

                Technical parameters of solid lubricated bearing:

                Inner diameter:φ3mm-140mm

                Outer diameter:φ25mm-190mm

                Accuracy class:P5,P4

                Rotating speed: Low speed or swing

                Applied temperature: -80℃-+100℃

                Applied load: medium load or light load with certain vibration and impact.


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