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Super-thin Wall Bearing
Super-thin Wall Bearing

Super-thin Wall Bearing


  •  China Bearing Manufacturer & Ball Bearings Supplier. ZYS Bearing is a manufacturer and global supplier of reliable ball and roller bearing solutions to target industries.


Super-thin Wall Bearing

    • Super-thin wall bearings are normally used in the high-precision platform frame and high-precision swivel table.Thin bearings can be used in pairs. Slim section bearing also has the good performance of small and even friction torque.

      Technical parameters of ultra thin ball bearings:

      Inner diameter:φ3mm-260mm

      Outer diameter:φ8mm-400mm

      Accuracy class:P5-P2

      Rotating speed:20r/min-6000r/min

      Applied temperature: -80℃-+90℃

      Applied load: 5N-600N

      For super precision thin bearings, ZYS has the domestic first-class bearing design technology. In the aspect of bearing performance analysis and bearing optimization design, ZYS has specially developed software

      for analysis and optimization of quasi-dynamic performance of bearings and dynamic simulation analysis of the centroid motion trajectory of the high speed bearing cages.



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