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High-temperature & High-speed Bearing
High-temperature & High-speed Bearing

High-temperature & High-speed Bearing



High-temperature & High-speed Bearing

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                High temperature bearing is a bearing that can withstand high temperature. There are many types of high-temperature bearings. According to different needs and different environments, different types of bearings can be installed. The high temperature bearing can be divided into: high temp bearing with ordinary structure and high temp bearing with special structure.Ordinary structure high temp bearing mainly refers to bearings designed according to common bearing structure, using high temperature resistant materials such as high temperature resistant bearing steel, etc. It mainly includes high temperature resistant self-aligning ball bearings and high temperature resistant deep groove ball bearings. For the high temp bearing with special structure, not only the material is made of high temperature resistant material, but also the structure can automatically compensate for the clearance under high temperature environment, such as spiral spring bearings.

                High-temperature & high-speed bearing can resist a high temperature of 300℃. The highest speed of ball bearing can reach 60,000r/min. And the highest speed of cylindrical roller bearing is 50,000r/min. It can be lubricated by oil. It has a high Dm·n value and a good dimensional stability in high temperature. It is mainly used in the application with the highest requirement, such as metallurgy, kilns, glass, blast furnaces, and painting equipment.

                High temperature bearing can not only work under high temperature and pressure, but also bear the corrosion caused by high temperature; it also needs to have the characteristics of non-magnetic conductivity, wear resistance, long life and high reliability. In addition, the high-temperature bearing needs to operate under special working conditions such as impact, vibration, tilt, and swing with the drive mechanism. The working environment and conditions of the high-temperature bearing are very demanding.According to the special working conditions of high temperature bearing, the materials of the ring and ball should have the characteristics of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and non-magnetic. It is recommended to use material G52 # alloy for ring and material Si3N4 for ball.

                Technical parameters of High-temperature & high-speed bearing:

                Inner diameter:φ3mm-100mm

                Outer diameter:φ20mm-200mm

                Accuracy class:P4

                Rotating speed: 10000r/min-60000r/min

                Applied temperature: -50℃-+300℃

                Applied load: axial load 5000N, radial load 2000N, radial load of cylindrical roller bearing 4000N.

                Bearing material: Cr4Mo4V (M50)high temperature bearing steel


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